Apple's 'iPhone Buzz' Reaches New High, Breaking 20,000 Stories

Jul. 8.07 | About: Apple Inc. (AAPL)

By Carl Howe

On the first day of the second iPhone weekend (iDay+8 for those who are counting), the iPhone Buzz index hit a new high, reaching 20,551 stories over 24 hours through Saturday. Big stories included which European carriers will be offering the iPhone and the fact that researchers wanting to open up the iPhone have actually been able to get a command line prompt from the device. Stories on the iPhone continue to be largely positive in tone.

One of the intriguing questions remains just how many iPhones have actually been sold. We have our own numbers (500,000 the first weekend; unknown how many since because of lack of supply, but we're projecting it is approaching a million by the end of this weekend), but others have rumored that as many as a million have been activated on AT&T's network. We won't know until Apple and AT&T do a press release. That could come as early as Monday or as late as during the earnings call on July 18.