The Week Ahead: Earnings Season Goes Into Overdrive

by: William Trent, CFA

The Economic Calendar is fairly active this week.

• PPI (Tuesday) - Look for my usual breakdown of the industries with pricing power
• Industrial Production (Tuesday) - Let’s see if businesses really are picking up steam
• CPI (Wednesday) - We know food costs more. What else does?
• Housing Starts (Wednesday) - Preview: They will be bad, and if not it will be bad news.
• Leading Indicators (Thursday)

The Earnings Calendar is going into overdrive this week. Some names I’ll be watching:

• Tata Consultancy Services (NYSE:TCS) - What will they say on Monday about rising wages and currencies?
• Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) - (Tuesday) - Estimates seem low enough. Margins will improve ex Flash.
• Yahoo! (NASDAQ:YHOO) - (Tuesday) - Low expectations likely justified but perhaps rewarded.
• American Standard (ASD) - (Wednesday) - They are on my Large Cap Watch List and they are on the move. They’re picking up momentum and I suspect they will top estimates.
• Silgan Holdings (NASDAQ:SLGN) - (Wednesday) - They are on my Small Cap Watch List and have been blowing estimates out of the water. This one seems like another beater to me.
• Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE:AMD) - (Thursday) - Hard to see how it could get any worse, but if anyone can pull it off…
• Landstar System (NASDAQ:LSTR) - (Thursday) - This is one of my favorite companies and is on both the Small Cap and the Mid Cap Watch List. They are trading a touch higher than I would like, though.
• Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) - (Thursday) - Numbers are set up for them to beat them. If they don’t beat by enough, however, the stock could still suffer.
• Sandisk (SNDK) - (Thursday) - Who knows?
• SAP (NYSE:SAP) - (Thursday) - Shouldn’t be much to trade on, but they might say something nasty about Oracle (NASDAQ:ORCL) to make listening to their call worthwhile.
• Tempur-Pedic (NYSE:TPX) - (Thursday) This one also graces both the Small Cap and the Mid Cap Watch List. Estimates have been rising but they will probably still beat them.

Keep on your toes!