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A day late and several hundred million dollars short, Bear Stearns (NYSE:BSC) did its sort-of ’splainin’ about the adventures of its credit strategies funds, servin’ a heapin’ helpin’ of the strangulated verbal stylings reserved for these occasions.
Some key sentences, translated:

The preliminary estimates show there is effectively no value left for the investors in the Enhanced Leverage Fund and very little value left for the investors in the High-Grade Fund as of June 30 2007.

Translation: You’re screwed.

At this time approximately $1.4 billion remains outstanding on this [$1.6 billion] line and we continue to believe there are sufficient assets available in the High-Grade fund to fully collateralize the repo facility.

Translation: We’re not.

In the past weeks, Bear Stearns has taken action to restore investor confidence [blah blah blah] extra layer of oversight [blah blah blah] hedge fund risk management function [blah blah blah]...

Translation: We faxed Ralphi Cioffi’s resume to (403) 217-2470.†

Our highest priority is to continue to earn your trust and confidence each and every day, consistent with the Firm’s proud history of achievement.

Translation: Thanks for playing. Please enjoy the rest of your evening.

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Courtesy The Wall Street Journal

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By Kate Kelly, Serena Ng And Michael Hudson
The Wall Street Journal Jul. 18 2007

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by Yalman Onaran
Bloomberg Jul. 17 2007

And pretty much all over the place.

† Reader competition: The usual free lifetime subscription to NakedShorts for the first reader to identify the significance of the number to which Cioffi’s resume was faxed.