Today's Gappers On Earnings: STJ, YHOO, CSX Most Positive After Open

by: Bespoke Investment Group

Hickey and Walters (Bespoke) submit: The earnings news has been skewed to the negative side this morning, as YHOO and INTC continue to trade down in the pre-market. Below we list some of the notable winners and losers in reaction to earnings.

From our historical earnings database, we looked at all prior times since 2001 that these stocks had similar moves on earnings in the pre-market and calculated their average change from open to close. As shown, YHOO is the only stock currently trading lower that has averaged a gain from the open to the close.

The two stocks that are currently trading up on earnings, CSX and STJ, have typically continued the positive trend from the open to the close after similar gaps. When CSX has gapped up on earnings, it has averaged a gain of 0.79% from the open to the close while STJ averages a gain of 1.17%.