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The wires are reporting today that Apple has dropped a joint $3.8 billion investment plan with Samsung for NAND flash memory production for iPods (and possibly other Apple products). An 'unnamed official' says that Apple is 'currently in talks with another memory chip maker for joint flash chip output in the United States'.

This is a huge contract to supply a central component for the hottest consumer electronics product in a decade. Who could this mysterious flash memory producer be -- who stands to profit considerably?

If you take a look at current producers of NAND memory, these are the companies that could possibly land this deal: Toshiba/SanDisk (SNDK), Intel (INTC), Spansion (joint AMD/Fujitsu owned), or possibly even Hynix.


Source: Apple Dumps Samsung as iPod Flash Partner; Who Could Profit? (AAPL, INTC, SNDK, AMD)