Filesharing Will Launch Video iPod 'Into The Stratosphere' (AAPL)

| About: Apple Inc. (AAPL)

Filesharing news site Slyck addresses one of the drivers for the iPod's success that you won't hear Apple acknowledge -- illegal filesharing, which, via the BitTorrent platform, is believed to take up fully 70% of world bandwidth. The article notes that peer-to-peer networks are already configuring themselves for the Video iPod:

Much like P2P networks have helped boost the popularity of MP3 players, a new genre in BitTorrent indexing sites may launch the video iPod into the stratosphere. Bringing video iPod sharing into the mainstream is

Podtropolis, as its name suggests, is an iPod-only BitTorrent indexing site. Like most BitTorrent sites, Podtropolis has a variety of genres such as music, movies, music videos and TV programming. Yet the most interesting aspect of Podropolis is the selection of videos for Apple’s fifth generation player. Each and every torrent file available is specifically designed to operate on the video iPod.