Logitech Harmony 360 Targets Xbox 360 Users; Will That Make LOGI the Best Stock Play on the XBox? (LOGI, MSFT)

Includes: LOGI, MSFT

Computer peripherals company Logitech (ticker: LOGI) hopes to catch a ride on the forthcoming Microsoft Xbox 360 launch with a sharp new universal remote -- the Harmony 360 (pictured) -- that offers users full control of the Xbox 360, plus a wide range of other devices.

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Quick Comment: Logitech stock is up 36% in the past year. If the company benefits materially from this product in Q4, investors may perceive LOGI as direct play the Xbox -- which isn't possible with MSFT, since the Xbox accounts for too little of Microsoft's revenue and profits. Although LOGI has other products, many of them are gaming and PC peripherals that could also benefit from an upgrade cycle in game consoles, such as external loud speakers.

Here's a 1-year chart of LOGI: