Vonage: The Trend Certainly Is Not Their Friend

| About: Vonage Holdings (VG)

In the early days many of us were enthusiastic users of Vonage (NYSE:VG) and the company deserves some credit for breaking the ice of stupidly high calling rates, especially internationally, for those smart enough to place our little Vonage boxes around the world.

Of course technology is a tough business and during the past two years we have found more and more utility from Skype. [Skype has some serious problems too but that’s another story/future post.]

We finally bit the bullet and called Vonage to cancel our services. This is the sad part. Of course, like most subscription based services [including your phone company] you can get a lower price buy just calling and asking these days so they immediately offered to take the $24.95/month to $19.95. Then there was a $14.99 option. Still no? How about $9.99? Well we also have a $4.99 plan. Still no?!?

Finally there is a keep the box for free plan and pay for calls by the very low per minute rates. For us having extra boxes, phone numbers and accounts is not worth the trouble so we canceled even the non-subscription.

Of course there are still individuals and companies that find one of the Vonage options a good fit for them but the trend certainly is not their friend. What a dismal way to spend your day, offering clients lower and lower prices until they still walk away after you get to free. Ouch.

VG 1-year chart