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Top 10 Best and Worst YTD ETF and CEF Returns
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ETF Top 10

Top 10 Most VIX-Correlated ETFs and CEFs Over the Past Week and Month

A majority of these funds are municipal funds from BlackRock and Nuveen (NKO, NXK, BKK, NGB, RNJ), with the rest being comprised of other bond/income trusts and short funds.

ETF Vix week

Every last one of these funds is a ProShares short fund. Given that no other issuer has short/inverse funds in this top 10, I think this makes it quite clear that ProShares ETFs likely have some direct holding with high negative correlation to the VIX.

ETF Vix month

Top 10 Best and Worst Weekly Dollar Flows
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ETF dollar flows

ETFs and CEFs Trading At Least 10% Above or Below 20-Session Moving Averages
ETF 20-DMA 1

ETF 20-DMA 2