Nokia Discusses Intellisync Acquisition, BlackBerry and Handset Sales (NOK, SYNC, RIMM)

Includes: BBRY, NOK

In the Q and A session of Nokia's conference call yesterday on the Intellisync acquisition, analysts probed the BlackBerry issue and how the buyout could raise Nokia handset sales. NOK execs are holding their cards close to their chest, but there's no doubt the analysts are on to something here. Key excerpts:

Q: Jeff Walkenhorst - Banc of America: I'm wondering if you could talk about Nokia's strategy with respect to the other e-mail platforms, including BlackBerry Connect?

A: Mary McDowell - Nokia - VP Enterprise Solutions: our intent is to continue to partner with RIM and Cisco and Good and the other e-mail partners… to provide the variants on the devices that they want to sell. So no change to the partner e-mail strategy…

Q: And in terms of embedding the different clients in your devices, will there be a certain preference towards any one or the other?

A: The intent is to respond to the carrier requirements. So for example, Vodafone has an arrangement with Visto… it's important that we support the Visto client for those customers… we would continue to do that.

Q: Doug Roudish - Brickside Capital: is there a secondary objective here -- i.e. a strong Intellisync account is Verizon… it could potentially strengthen your relationship on the device side of things?

A: Mary McDowell: The premise of the deal was… enterprise mobility. Clearly, this offers us an opportunity to strengthen relationships with carriers… But it's not intended to be a backdoor into incremental device sales.

(Quotes are from the CCBN StreetEvents transcript.)


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