Jim Cramer's Mad Money Lightning Round Picks, 8/1/07

by: Miriam Metzinger

Miriam Metzinger submits: Stocks discussed in the lightning round session of Jim Cramer’s Mad Money TV program, Wednesday August 1. Click on a stock ticker for more analysis:

Bullish calls:

Corning (NYSE:GLW): ' ... you should be buying Corning (GLW), which was unceremoniously dumped after a good quarter.'
Lundin Mining (LMC): 'All mineral stocks are getting hammered here... every single one of them ... There was just a huge amount of takeovers in this industry. Now they're dying down... You accumulate LMC... We like the combination copper, the lead... We like their product portfolio ... We have been right to buy. It will be no different this time.'
NYSE Euronext (NYSE:NYX): 'I have been wrong so far... I believe fundamentally in the story. I can't change my view, because the fundamentals have borne me out... I am sorry, and I too am in the house of pain. I still believe though.'
Prudential Financial (NYSE:PRU): 'They knocked it down $3 bucks... There were some concentrated raids on all the insurers ... they've got a gigantic portfolio... PRU is a great company. And it will not founder on subprime... one of the few financials I want to own!'
Honeywell (NYSE:HON): 'There's a guy who runs that company... his name is Dave Cote. That man inspires a tremendous amount of confidence ... He's a transforming manager. He's generating a huge amount of cash... His order book is full. And I want to buy that stock right here.'
Companhia Vale do Rio Doce (NYSE:RIO): 'This is a company that has a hammerlock on all the nickel in the world! I would not give up on these guys... As a matter of fact, any weakness ... Stocks that are up huge are getting register rung. It's the summer. That's what happens every year.'
BHP Billiton (NYSE:BHP)
Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL): 'I think the raids are over. I think it's ready to resume its climb. I am not backing away from AAPL at $135. Now, when it got back to $145, please, let's do some schnitzelling (i.e., sell some).'
Reliance Steel (NYSE:RS): 'I have been recommending Reliance Steel, which had a better quarter (than Nucor.'
Chordiant Software (CHRD): 'They just reported a great quarter yesterday. It was great ... Let's ride that one a little bit more.'

Bearish calls:

Syntax-Brillian (BRLC): 'No, no! Don't buy, don't buy. Keep looking ... you should be buying Corning.'
Kroger (NYSE:KR): 'Safeway, Kroger... They've not been recording good quarters. They've been hurt by food inflation... If it lifts, sell, sell, sell... I would trim it back.'
Nucor (NYSE:NUE): 'I cannot get behind NUE. There are too many flies in the steel story now, with the potential slowdown in commercial real estate, if we don't get a Fed rate cut. '
Great Lakes Dredge & Dock (NASDAQ:GLDD): ' ... that's one I can't go back to. That was a trade.'

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