VIX Ends Day Lower: Put Little Stock In Pre-Market Futures

Includes: IWM, SHV, SPY
by: Michael Bommarito

The VIX ended the day down nearly 9%, just below 23. Though this is still higher than its close on either last Monday or Thursday, it at least contradicts the new high made in hectic morning trading.

Short-term treasuries continues to strengthen against precious metals, with differential relative strengths breaking under par as of early July. Likewise the S&P continues to strengthen against treasuries, although the Russell remains much weaker than the S&P. This was quite apparent today, as the S&P tracker SPY nearly doubled the Russell tracker IWM's return.

I would put little faith in the pre-market futures tomorrow until at least 8:30's productivity report, and the market should obviously remain primarily focused on the FOMC statement, but I will continue to watch the VIX and these relative strength measures as an indication of how much damage a bearish policy statement could cause.

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