4 Cheap Dividend Plays With Plenty Of Value

Includes: ABB, DMLP, DOM, MTR
by: Matt Schilling

High Yielding, Low Risk, Long Term Investments are very attractive to any investor. Why? Dividend investing can result in income or in certain cases where the investor has a dividend reinvestment account, more shares. I personally prefer the latter, but that's just me. The following stocks have P/E ratios under 20 and yield more than 3%.

ABB Ltd Common Stock NYSE: (NYSE:ABB) - ABB currently has a P/E ratio around 15, and a yield of 3.4%. Most recently awarded with a $100 million dollar contract from Australia, and a $90 million dollar contract from the state of Michigan combined with an ever growing presence in Europe and Asia, ABB could very well demonstrate great returns for the income investor. Analysts are estimating EPS to be between $0.30 - $0.32 and revenue to be $8.93 - $8.98 billion. Don't be surprised if revenue surpasses $9.0 billion and EPS numbers come in around $0.34.

Dominion Resources Black Warrior NYSE: (NYSE:DOM) - DOM currently has a P/E ratio around 10.3, and a yield of 6.8%. That's pretty impressive for a company who has a market cap under $80 million. The company focuses on the acquisition and holding of natural gas properties in Alabama. The quarterly distributions of royalties depend directly on the sale of natural gas. Investors should keep an eye on Natural Gas inventories as an indication of how both the stock and its distributions will continue to perform.

Mesa Royalty Trust Common Stock NYSE: (NYSE:MTR) - MTR currently has a P/E ratio around 14.2 and a yield of 5.6%. Another company with a relatively small market cap, MTR has several interests in oil and gas producing properties throughout the US. One of its most promising locations is the New Mexico portion of the San Juan Basin Property. In both January and February the New Mexico portion yielded at least $250,000. Investors should note MTR has a paid a distribution to shareholders on time every month dating back to September 2006.

Dorchester Minerals, L.P. NASDAQ: (NASDAQ:DMLP) - DMLP currently has a P/E ratio around 18 and a yield of 7.4%. Based in Dallas, DMLP looks to acquire, own and administer properties that produce both natural gas and crude oil. Investors should note that DLMP generated nearly $56 million over past 12 months, and has paid a quarterly dividend since 2006.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.