Echelon Is A Negawatt Play

| About: Echelon Corporation (ELON)

A nice plug for Echelon (NASDAQ:ELON) in the Motley Fool Tuesday. I discovered and wrote about Echelon (Echelon a Tech Star in the Making and Echelon Corporation an Infrastructure Play) in May.

Those that chose to act on those articles are sitting on almost a double in less than 3 months.

Knowledge is not power. Acting on knowledge is power!

Oh yea, what is a negawatt?

Per the Motley Fool,

The idea behind the negawatt is that the easiest, fastest, cheapest, and ultimately cleanest way to meet new power demands is to keep that demand from ever occurring in the first place. After all, the greenest and cheapest type of energy is that which never has to be produced.

Correction: After Thursday’s 23% pop, anyone who would have acted on those articles would have doubled their money.

ELON 1-yr chart:
elon chart