Put Your Stocks In a Drawer and Forget About Them

| About: SPDR S&P (SPY)

The market has been like Chinese Water Torture the last few weeks. Most days are down and the pervasive mood among investors and the media is very negative.

This is the time to put your stocks away in a drawer and forget about them. If you have done your homework on your holdings, then you should be confident about the company and its prospects. Don't get sucked into the negative mood and make rash selling decisions.

Certain segments have tainted the overall market and that could continue for another couple weeks. However, if the overall prospects for the companies in your portfolio have not changed, there is no reason to act right now (unless you are buying).

I have used this downturn to add to my favorite positions and I will be 100% invested by the end of the week. Then I plan to sit back and relax and simply ignore all the noise in the market. I have not deployed leverage in my portfolio, so I honestly do not care how the market chooses to value my holdings in the near term.

I am confident that in 12 to 18 months, most, if not all, of my holdings will be significantly higher than today. So why should I care what their values are today.

Now is the time to grab another summer cocktail and read the tales of woe of overly leveraged investors scrambling to cover margin calls -- that or simply read a good book.