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There is something to said for hearing from global macro managers in that they have a global view of the capital markets. In an interview with Barron’s, Chuck Clough of Clough Capital Partners, opines on the world capital markets.

Clough manages two closed-end funds (GLV & GLQ) that have seen strong returns this year. A few of the areas Clough is focusing on include: North American natural gas producers, Japan, and the emerging markets. These selections have have outperformed this year and have a whiff of momentum to them.

As a former Wall Street strategist Clough has a healthy disdain for market forecasts:

And his outlook for the market? Clough sighs. “What I miss the least is making the market predictions. It was a silly exercise. And I wasn’t very good at it.

Source: Clough Capital Partners, Manager of Closed-End Funds GLV and GLQ, Discusses the Markets (CEFs: GLV, GLQ)