The Best SA Articles Of All Time, As Chosen By Other Authors

by: SA Eli Hoffmann

Dear readers,

In a previous article, we asked our contributors to share with us their favorite self-authored Seeking Alpha contribution of all time.

This article, also in honor of reaching our millionth user milestone, takes a different tack: We asked contributors to select their favorite SA article that they didn't author. We also asked them to describe briefly what made that their best article.

The list below is presented in order of the time we received contributors' submissions. I hope you enjoy reading some of the best SA articles of all time - as picked by our contributors - as much as I do.


P.S. We're going to give a prize to the author of the article from these lists that receives the most "Yes" or "5-Star" votes during the next two days. So make sure to vote for your favorite article!

1) IPO Candy

Tom Konrad's Energy Services Stocks with a Whole Systems Approach -- "This is a well researched and written article on a part of the energy space I was unfamiliar with. It's also a very complex topic and set of business. Tom manages to get it all sorted out in a few pages. Most importantly he provides a complete analysis all the way down to the particular stocks he's invested in and why. I also used this article as a springboard to do more work on World Energy."

2) Clean Energy Intel

Tim Plaehn's The Seeking Alpha Interest Index: What's Hot, What's Not? -- "Interesting take on the use of a key Seeking Alpha tool."

3) Zack Miller

Aaron Katsman's Retirement Planning With 'Buckets' Of Money -- "Good run-down of preparing for retirement with the buckets approach -- what works and what doesn't."

4) Jon Springer

Mark Anthony's The Darkest Star In The Commodities Boom -- "Mark Anthony does a great and consistent job providing analysis of China and natural resources. I wish he published more often and this is an exemplar recent work."

5) Paolo Gorgo

Felix Salmon's Greece Datapoints Of The Day -- "Nice summary of the Greek situation, highlighting one of the best Greek blogs on the matter."

6) Efsinvestment

Rocco Pendola's 3 Stocks That Probably Will Not Double In 2012 -- "I like the way Rocco mocked the way some authors publish articles titled"5 Stocks That Could Double ..." I am also one of those authors, and my picks have significantly outperformed the market so far. By going against the crowd, Rocco took a lot of risk, but the article was fun to read."

7) BalancedView

Rocco Pendola's MBA's Gimmicks And Apples' Culture -- "He told a great story... Relevant to on campus thinking about stereotypes of people... and he quoted Springsteen whom I a big fan of."

8) David Fish

David Van Knapp's 10 by 10: The Interaction Of Dividend Yield and Growth -- "This article laid out a clear methodology for building a dividend growth stock portfolio."

9) Colin Lea

David Van Knapp's The Rational Case For Dividend Growth Investing (Part 1) -- "It's an up front and honest assessment of a different investment strategy, and it generated serious debate and commentary."

10) Paulo Santos

Studioso Research's Bank of Ireland ADRs Ridiculously Overpriced vs. London Listed Shares -- "It's the kind of opportunity that SA articles should be about, in this case an arbitrage between 2 issues of the same stock."

11) Sammy Pollack

Justin Weinstein's General Motors: A Cautionary Note -- "Interesting perspective"

12) Jason Kelly

Ploutos's Equity Multiples And Interest Rates: Is The Current Risk Premium Sufficient? -- "In a hype-free manner, the author explained the relationship between stock valuations and interest rates, revealed their historical range, showed where they align today, demonstrated "the large magnitude of the current deviation from this historical relationship," and offered sensible conclusions as to the likelihood of future market and rate trends. It's a superb rundown of key factors that every investor should understand."

13) Nuqudy

Jens Heycke's Implications Of The Egyptian Upheaval: Buy Oil And Israel -- "This was an elegant and concise piece, giving a nice analysis of Arab World affairs but the drawing an unexpected conclusion on what investment to make. I liked!"

14) Ron Finberg

Cullen Roche's Largest Forex Hedge Fund Predicts $1.20 Euro -- "Was introduced to ideas of John Taylor"

15) John Addison

David Leeds's Who Are the Smart Grid's 'Big Fish'? -- "Profitable large cap stocks for a high growth future in the smart grid."

16) Charles A Smith

Bruce Pile's A Perfect Storm For Lead Economic Indicators? -- "Good summary of the crosscurrents in economic data in the first quarter of 2012."

17) Ben Axler

Chimin Sang's China Marine Food Where Did the Money Go? -- "One of the first articles to start to question Chinese small caps' business motives."

18) Harris Roen

Valuentum's With Solar Industry Economics Deteriorating, Is It Time To Short First Solar? -- "Good, dispassionate analysis."

19) Crunching Numbers

Spencer-Osborne's Understanding Sirius XM's Potential Share Buyback And Liberty Media Stake -- "My favorite part of Seeking Alpha has always been the comments. It is in the comments section that the topic of an article can be explored in much greater detail. This particular article generated some of the best comments from many of those most knowledgeable on SiriusXM."

20) Brad Thomas

Tim McAleenan's Why Dividends Should Not Be Reinvested -- "Thought provoking with high-quality comments. Tim has a gift for writing as he articulates investment strategies with a high degree of second-level thinking."

21) Nowacki Asset Management

Frank Voisin's Homeowners Choice: Relatively New P&C Insurer Appears Cheap -- "Great company with a lot of growth opportunity. Stock is up almost 100% since the article."

22) Chris Lau

James Kostohryz's James Kostohryz Positions For 2012: 100% Cash The Only Way To Play This Market -- "This piece challenges conventional wisdom about investing or holding cash, but to hold all cash? The markets continued its rise year-to-date, but the author challenges investors who play a game of offense, without considering the game of playing defense. Also like the SA as interviewer, James as interviewee format."

23) Jeffrey Bash

Paolo Gorgo's Immersion Is Poised For A Comeback -- "Completeness of the article, including nice graphical material, and the fact that the stock subsequently rose about 80%, far exceeding the performance of the general market over the same time period."

24) Rick Konrad

Edward Harrison's The European Debt Crisis, The U.S. S&L Crisis And Regulatory Forbearance -- "A great discussion of regulatory forbearance in Europe and the parallels from the US S&L crisis. Mr. Harrison points out the dangers in ignoring accounting realities and in regulators"kicking the can down the road"."

25) New Low Observer

Briar's Understanding Compounding: Berkshire's Not-So-Hidden Dividend Contrarian Secret -- "The author clearly stated the case for the efficiency that Berkshire compounds. Additionally, the concepts allow for applying in our own investing as well. The discussion that followed great as well."

26) Elliott R. Morss

John Lounsbury's Financial System Reform: Is A Necessary Convergence Finally Occurring? -- "Lounsbury has the unique talent of being able to present an idea in a way that gets others to think about an issue. Sometimes he does it with words and sometimes with an image."

27) William Henderson

Karl Denninger's Do We Really Want To Compare This To 1939? -- "Karl, played a special role in my start here at Seeking Alpha, it was his articles and candor that inspired me to write mine as well. I liked this article as I also had made a similar observation, on my own. I have only 2 to his 600+ Go Karl go, I've been inspired again."

28) Adam Gefvert

FalseConviction's Genco Shipping: Overvalued And Overleveraged In A Collapsing Market -- "This article was written very clearly and concisely, I was very impressed. It turned out he was exactly right. This article gave me conviction that a well researched investment thesis could turn out to be correct, and the market can be beaten."

29) Francis Ayensu

Efficient Alpha's 3 Dividend Deals And 3 Dividend Deadbeats -- "It's an interesting article"

30) One Family's Blog

Andy Zaky's Apple Fiscal Q1 2012: The Biggest Earnings Blowout In History? -- "An absolutely convincing article about analysts underestimating Apple's Q1 2012 earnings estimates by a wide-margin. His research uses original research by Horace Dediu. The article summarizes with links to prior research that shows how to properly come up with Apple's guidance to accurately forecast earnings - that research was absolutely golden. "

31) Bryce Istvan

Theodore Cohen's Dendreon's Provenge: Interview With Head, Large Urology Group Practice -- "This article brought truly exclusive information to the table about DNDN. Having insight from the doctors actually prescribing drugs is something that is often lacking from biotech analysis. Additionally, Ted's professional manner in handling often abusive comments is a true credit to himself and brings a much more professional and congenial environment to SA as a whole."

32) Andrew Noland

Michael Pettis's The World Bank Proposes Tough Medicine For China -- "It explained a lot about the Chinese macroeconomic landscape in easy-to-understand terms."

33) Simon Moore

Tom Armistead's Do Covered Calls Improve Expected Returns? -- "This is a good example of the detailed analytic approach that Tom uses in his articles. All his articles are valuable so it was hard to pick just one."

34) Alan Johnson

Robert Martorana's Book Review: Frontiers Of Modern Asset Allocation, Part II -- "More than just a book review, Robert does an excellent job of pointing out that responsible portfolio management entails much more than just using historical statistics to design future portfolios."

35) Clay Mahaffey

George Jarkesy's Congress Has Never Really Balanced The Budget - Talk About Cuts Is Code For Reducing Rate Of Increase -- "Lots of feedback from other consumers. Not a topic that people usually write about so very interesting"

36) Rocco Pendola

Andy Zaky's Apple Fiscal Q1 2012: The Biggest Earnings Blowout In History? -- "So tough to pick this one. Easy 2 break tie with this one. Incredible analysis."

37) Michael Filighera

James Kostohryz's James Kostohryz Positions For 2012: 100% Cash The Only Way To Play This Market -- "Well written - pushed the envelope so to speak"

38) Josh Patt

Marc Gerstein's Triple-Play Income Stocks: Going Conservative -- "A balanced and informative article about different income investing strategies."

39) Giancarlo Nicoli

David Hunkar's Complete List Of Brazilian ADRs -- "It's been useful to me."

40) The Deliberate Trader

Steven Jon Kaplan's Why Investors Need To Reexamine These Emerging Market Myths -- "Very insightful views on what really moves markets. He is, no doubt, the True Contrarian."

41) Little Apple

Cameron Kaine's Sirius XM: Making Sense Of What Just Happened -- "This article explained why Sirius XM stock suddenly dropped to $1.27 suddenly last October. It was actually due to short options that were exercised from past debt (there was an SEC document filed and Cameron found it). If the article had never been written, I would have always thought the stock was extremely volatile. Really great article."

42) Modernist

Zami Aberman's Pluristem vs. Geron: An Insider's View Of The Stem Cell Story -- "One of the leading innovators in stem cell research chose Seeking Alpha as a platform for sharing his insider perspective on the current competitive landscape."

43) Bill Maurer

Rocco Pendola's Netflix Earnings Disaster, Calling The Short Of The Century -- "Shows why Netflix may have the single worst non-fraudulent decision in corporate history."

44) Steven Hansen

Jeff Miller's Debt Downgrade: S&P Could Be The Big Loser -- "Jeff is my opposite. For Jeff things are good until proven they are not good (and obviously I must PROVE things are good before I will believe they are good). I follow Jeff because as an investor I need to have a balanced investing bias."

45) Robert Weinstein

Rocco Pendola's Should You Invest Your Netflix Subscription Money? -- "The way Rocco is able to capture the thoughts of the reader and deliver clarity in an emotional fog of investing."

46) George Spritzer

Gwailo's Make Money with Closed-End Fund Activism -- "Provides a good overview on how to find closed-end funds that are candidates for CEF activism."

47) Brian Harper

Business Economics Analyst's Life Partners Appears Headed For Inevitable Failure -- "Well written, thought provoking, spot on."

48) Monty Spivak

Clement Scholl's John Fredriksen's Largest 2010 Investments Outperform -- "Educated me about opportunities outside of the standard U.S. large-cap securities, and introduced me to shipping as a potential investment target area."

49) Zach Tripp

Chuck Carnevale's Investors In Common Stocks Must Get Valuation Right; Here's How -- "Well thought out, well written article with actual examples that illustrate the points of the article."

50) Furbonacci

Ganaxi Small Cap Movers's Top Solar Picks From Legendary Fund Managers -- "It gave a clear and concise summary of what is going on in the solar industry. It provided useful and hard to find information in one place displayed in a easy to understand way."

51) Taylor Anderson

Kim Klaiman's How To Profit From A Netflix Earnings Hit Or Miss -- "Since I never go after non-directional strategies, it is refreshing to see a different approach."

52) Fredrik Arnold

Norman Tweed's 3 Divided Growth Stocks Perfect For Retirees -- "Norman's family is on the path to financial freedom thanks to his mom's saving habits. That's a wonderful story that requires no graphs or charts to tell."

53) Matthew Potter

Alan Brochstein's 4 Reasons To Sell Apple And 5 Possible Replacements -- "The article offered a good counterweight to the market consensus at the time."

54) Andrew Shapiro

Adam Sues's Sparton: Turnaround Team Returns Micro-Cap Manufacturer To Profitability -- "Cogently summarized the turnaround and capital appreciation opportunities at Sparton Corp (NYSE:SPA), a company I have authored many articles on as well."

55) David Pinsen

Howard Richman's The Scaled Tariff Would Resuscitate The U.S. Economy -- "Seeking Alpha at its best: providing a platform to an outside-the-mainstream intellectual offering a critique of American trade deficits (and a clever solution to them). This is a well-reasoned essay you'd miss if you only read the main business papers."

56) Matt Cilderman

David Van Knapp's 10 by 10: The Interaction Of Dividend Yield And Growth -- "David's article are very useful and i have found this to be one that i return to when i have a question."

57) SA Editor Yosef Levenstein

Power Hedge's Why There Is No Reason To Panic About SeaDrill's Debt -- "This article was the first article that made me realize the extremely high value product we offer. It also brought a stock I had never heard of to the forefront of my investment universe as a dividend/energy play."

58) Ironman

Doug Short's The Great Leading Indicator Smackdown: New Update -- "It's interesting to see such a conflicting view of the future proposed by both ECRI Weekly Leading Indicator and the Conference Board's Leading Economic Indicator being tracked by an independent observer. Somebody is wrong, the question is who? "

59) SL Advisors

Felix Salmon's Europe's Disastrous Summit -- "Much of what Felix wrires is good, but I thought this piece gave a good and realistic perspective on the Euro crisis."

60) David Crosetti

Norman Tweed's Retirement Portfolio For Do-It-Yourselfers -- "This is one of Norman's earliest articles and takes a look at a real portfolio with real stocks and analyzes that portfolio as only he can."