Burger King Serves Up A Financial Whopper

| About: Burger King (BKC)

Burger King (BKC) served up a financial whopper and pleased the market with really great financial news. The company has been dogged by Billionaire Nelson Peltz, who claims he can do something better. Prior experience at Arby's is influencing his opinion. So if you believe the numbers what does a take over offer provide to investors.

Burger King has improved dramatically. They increased their store count dramatically and improved hours and menu. They experienced some minor problems with permits in the Middle East and Germany.

The critical management comment is that the ARS is up dramatically. Given the high fixed cost nature of a Burger King Store, this is wonderful news.

Now if you are trying to take-over Burger King, you have to pay for it. The argument that I can fix your problems will no longer work.

Note to management: If the earnings and cash flow are improving, you need to increase your dividend. You are a cash business and your fundamentals have improved dramatically. In the current market where fear and panic is just around every corner, an increased dividend would attract investors and strengthen the share price.

BKC 1-yr chart: