Win An iPad In Seeking Alpha's 1 Million User Haiku Contest

by: SA Editors

It took a while and a few rounds of internal voting to settle a tight contest. We had entries that incorporated haiku's traditional nature component; showed flashes of wry wit; engaged in Yoda-speak; outright asked for an iPad; and even made references to Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games. In one sense, by joining together here to discuss and challenge assumptions about our investments, we're all winners.

But in a different, more accurate sense, our rounds of judges can only pick one winner, and have chosen Mick Trivane's entry:

Why just take a guess?
Seeking Alpha passed the test.
Read. Decide. Invest.

Congratulations to Mick, and thanks to everyone for flexing your poetic muscles. Now back to your regularly scheduled reading, writing, sharing, and seeking of alpha ...

Contest has been closed.
So many poems to read.
Results coming soon.

Our crack judges are poring over your hundreds of entries here and getting their votes together. Stay tuned and we'll update this story with news about the winner, and the iPad that will be on its way to them ...

EARLIER: Seeking Alpha is celebrating surpassing 1 million members with the 1 Million User Haiku Contest – and a new Apple iPad could be yours if you can write the best one!

Haiku is a traditional Japanese short poetry form, and for the purposes of our contest, they'll be short poems of three lines, generally with five, seven and five syllables in each line respectively:

How do I love thee?
Let me count one million ways
SA users rock!

More examples from our in-house employee competition are below.

To enter: Compose a haiku that is your own “ode to Seeking Alpha.” Leave your entries in the comments below by 11:59 p.m. EDT Tuesday, March 27 (yes, you need to be a member to comment. It's free … sign up in the toolbar on top!). Our judges will pick a winner to receive a new iPad.

Insightful discourse
Informs all my investments
My portfolio grows

As spring blossoms bloom
A cool million readers
Watch their stocks grow too.

Seeking insight like
Aggregated wisdom is
Why we all seek alpha

In search of Alpha
A website I found online
Now I am loaded

Investing is smooth
Seeking Alpha at my side
Fresh wit to build wealth

All the news you need,
From AIG to Zynga;
Thanks, Market Currents!

Morning sign-in comes.
Portfolio emerges.
A smile for the green.

Seek and you will find
SA will empower you
Invest better now

Bears claim pumps and scams
Bulls see Sith conspiracies
Readers are well served

To go long or short
Equities, bonds, currencies
Search Seeking Alpha

News keeps pouring in
But Market Currents keeps up
Did someone just warn?