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Stocks discussed in the lightning round session of Jim Cramer’s Mad Money TV program, Tuesday September 4. Click on a stock ticker for more analysis:

Bullish calls:

CME Group (CME): 'Oh c'mon! I would buy more. This is a company that is the principle beneficiary of the volatility of the market. They are doing a miraculous job. It's incredibly well-run. It's right where I recommended it. Thats' true. It hasn't moved up yet. I think that now is the time.'
Life Partners (LPHI): 'Miraculous company. ... They've created a secondary market in life insurance. It's a brilliant business model. I liked it before, and I like it again.'
Cominco (TCK): 'This is one of the greatest mineral companies…that stock is down like 8 points from its high. I think that's a tremendous find. I would pull the trigger right here.'
Mastercard (MA): ' ...transactions are going up worldwide. ... The stock has been stalled here. I remain bullish, but I gotta tell you, there are better situations here than MasterCard because it has ... quadrupled on our watch, and I think it's resting.'
United Health (UNH): ' think UNH works. ... I'm stickin' by it, but my credibility is very low with UNH.''
Cisco Systems (CSCO)
Sirius Satellite Radio (SIRI): ' I think the risk/reward is very good here. I think it's 30 cents down and $1.50 up if they approve the deal.'
Brush Engineered Manual (BW): 'This makes Beryllium, which is one of those metals that is in very short supply. I still want to stick by it.'
Google (GOOG)
Apple (AAPL): ' I think AAPL's terrific. I think it's going to a 52-week high.'
L-3 Communications Holdings (LLL): ' … also near a 52-week high. That also has bomb detection and it's got other businesses that are more diversified.'
United Technologies (UTX)
EMC (EMC): 'You know I like tech right here. EMC goes to $22.'
E-Trade Financial (ETFC): ' … is cheap down here. I like it.'
Bearish calls:

Ingles Markets (IMKTA): 'It's a supermarket stock. Don't buy, don't buy... and they have been absolutely awful... I do not care for them and I'm not going there.'
Arris Group (ARRS): 'I would actually literally sell the ARRS, and buy the CSCO.'
Valassis Communications (VCI): 'VCI - I think - is a dinosaur.'
American Science and Engineering (ASEI): 'Keep looking! Sell, sell, sell!'
Thornburg Mortgage (TMA)

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Source: Jim Cramer's Mad Money Lightning Round Picks, 9/4/07