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Stocks discussed in the lightning round session of Jim Cramer’s Mad Money TV program, Thursday September 20. Click on a stock ticker for more analysis:

Bullish calls:

FCStone Group (FCSX): ‘This business is shining with this environment. You've got a good one. I want you to stay in it.’


Foster Wheeler (FWLT)

Washington Group (WNG): ‘It has doubled. WNG should have been in my pantheon… put it right there with the rest of them. I like that.’

McDermott (MDR)

Chicago Bridge and Iron (CBI)

Jacobs Engineering Group (JEC)

Annaly Capital (NLY): ‘I want you to buy NLY two fisted! Buy, buy, buy! … they just raised the dividend yesterday … Pull the trigger multiple times!’.

BEA Systems (BEAS): ‘You've got Icahn going, you've got China going, you've got a buyback going to happen soon. That's your play. $13 smackers, I think goes to $18.’

Discovery Holding ( DISCA): ‘ … they have upgraded their programming, they have cleaned house, they've cut back the overhead. They are making a lot of money, and $26 bucks... too soon to take a profit. I want you to ride that bull to $30.’

Omniture (OMTR): ‘ I pushed Omniture very hard yesterday. It opened up $2.50 bucks... C'mon guys... It's going to go up, but don't make it go there all in one night...’

Baidu (BIDU): ‘I think the stock goes to $300... Buy, buy, buy!’

Google (GOOG): ‘I prefer you to buy GOOG than I would for your to buy BIDU.’

Nokia (NOK): ‘I'd still rather be in Nokia. That's my favorite one.’

RadioShack (RSH): ‘RSH has very powerful management. I say take the RSH up to $25, and then ring the register.’

Best Buy (BBY): ‘I was blown away by the Best Buy number, not because they didn't do well in a couple of areas like appliances and home theater, but because they're expanding to Canada and expanding to China. BBY is the best of breed.’

Nastech (NSTK)

Qwest (Q): ‘Q is starting to move back up. Did you notice that creeping move to $9?... I think it goes to $10. I like that long-distance business again.’

ChinaMobile (CHL): ‘We want China Mobile (CHL) if we're going to go there.’

Paccar (PCAR)

Nvidia (/NVDA">NVDA)

Bearish calls:

Actuate (ACTU): ‘I hardly ever say this about a stock... I think it's poor - don't buy, don't buy..’

Motorola (MOT)

Qiao Xing (XING)

Acadia (ACAD)

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