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The Stalwart submits: There's an irony in the recent troubles surrounding Sears Holdings (NYSE: SHLD), the company created when Eddie Lampert engineered a merger between Sears and K-Mart. When it first happened everyone hailed the man a genius for unlocking hidden value, declaring Lampert a latter-day Warren Buffett. Like Buffet he even writes folksy letters to his shareholders. Only Lampert doesn't have Buffett's self-effacing style or his modesty. And while both men claim to disdain the Wall St. game, and the obsession with projections, estimates, and all that stuff, Lampert really gets peeved that his company isn't talked about a fondly in the press anymore:

I want to close with a broad observation. I am an avid reader of books, newspapers, and magazines, and in the course of my reading over the last year, I have noticed that there is a significant degree of interest in the press about Sears Holdings. This is not surprising: as a well-known, high-profile American company, Sears will always attract considerable attention. There is no shortage of commentators who are eager to make known their perspectives on our company and its prospects. Some of these do so “on the record

Source: Sears Holdings - Lampert is No Buffett (SHLD)