Dynamic Charts For Natural Gas Infrastructure MLP Prices, Dividends And Yields

Includes: EPD, ETP, MWE, OKS, WPZ
by: Richard Shaw

As a follow-up to our prior article on near-term challenges for natural gas infrastructure MLPs, these dynamic charts from YCharts are a helpful tool for investors wishing to monitor the situation over time.

When you come back to this article another day, the chart data will be updated for the latest end-of-day data.

These charts plot the price (blue), the dividend amount paid (red), and the resulting yield (orange) as price and dividends vary. The setting is to present the longest period available to non-subscriber users. We find the ability to plot multiple attributes on one chart helpful

These MLPS are the five most actively traded natural gas infrastructure MLPs, presented from the most to the least actively traded.

EPD Enterprise Products Partners LP
ETP Energy Transfer Partners LP
WPZ Williams Partners LP
MWE MarkWest Energy Partners LP

Observations as of 04/07/2012
(does not apply to future chart updates)

A couple of immediate visual observations are that EPD has generated smooth dividend growth and solid price gains, but is trading significantly below its recent yield as a result of the two levels of change.

ETP has been somewhat erratic in dividend payments and yield, with a weakening price. The extra yield currently available from ETP seems to be the compensation investors demand for the uncertainty about what the dividend will be in the future.

The cost of consistent, reliable dividend growth is a lower yield, when compared to a security with an inconsistent and less reliable dividend growth, all other things being equal.

WPZ and MWE each took a large price hit during the 2008 crash, with a corresponding spike in yields, but the dividends survived, the prices recovered and the yields are about where they used to be.

OKS took less of a 2008 crash hit, the dividend survived, the price recovered and the yield is somewhat below where it used to be.

EPD Chart

ETP Chart

WPZ Chart

MWE Chart

OKS Chart

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