Cisco: Broadband's Not a Human Right (CSCO)

Dec. 9.05 | About: Cisco Systems, (CSCO)

Cisco (ticker: CSCO) just held its analyst shindig, with quite some attention given to "co-branding and revenue sharing opportunities" (.pdf) (translation - "stick 'em up").

Disruptive Dean was in the audience, and predictably asked a pointed question of Mike Volpi about the open internet (at seven minutes into the final Q&A session - watch the body language of the panel as he's asking the question). Mike Volpi's reply starts with the observation that broadband is not a "guaranteed right for human beings," and goes on to defend the carriers' positions in the sort of language we are hearing from the RBOCs. Hmmm... Mike Volpi, where have I heard that name before?