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We sorted our list of over 2,700 stocks to find the ones that have issued upside guidance the most. We then filtered out all stocks that we don't have at least 16 quarterly earnings reports for. As shown below, Coach (NYSE:COH) has guided higher on the day of their earnings reports 75% of the time since the end of 2001. This is well above WBSN, which ranks second on our list at 54%.

We also provide the expected report date and the average 1-day price change for each stock on all of the earnings report dates that we have on file. While COH has guided higher 75% of the time, it has only averaged a gain of 0.54% on the day of its earnings reports. Most stocks in the list below have averaged nice gains on their earnings report days, however. This is because forward guidance is probably the most important aspect of an earnings report -- it provides investors with what is expected to happen instead of what did happen (keep in mind that not all companies issue guidance).

Source: Stocks That Most Frequently Guide Higher On Earnings Day

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