Lithium Water And Lithium Air Batteries Show Great Promise For Polyplus

by: Retirefund

The Polyplus Battery Company was born in Berkeley, Calif., in 1991, the brainchild of Scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

The small staff of approx. 27 employees has 7 PHDs including founders, Dr. Steven J. Visco, now Chief Executive Officer & CTO, Rudolph Hurwich, now President & CFO, Prof. Lutgard C. De Jonghe, Chairman and Dr. May-Ying Chu, COO.

As head of the Polyplus Team, Dr. Visco is an internationally recognized expert in lithium batteries and fuel cells, is the chief inventor on 57 issued U.S. patents and more than 200 international patents, and has close to 100 publications. The entire team at Polyplus is made up of accomplished experts in the development of batteries, and in particular, lithium batteries.

The company has developed and patented protected lithium electrodes (PLEs) that are remarkably stable in a broad range of electrolytes, including aqueous and non-aqueous solvents. The invention of the PLE enables the development of a new class of ultra-high energy density batteries including lithium metal semi-fuel cells. For a more detailed look at their technology and patent protection, visit Poluplus Technology.

Recently featured in publications such as Bloomberg, the New York Times, Cnet, Scientific American, Smart Planet, EV World and Tech Republic, Polyplus batteries were also named one of Time nagazines top 50 inventions of 2011.

Although Poluplus is not yet a publicly traded company, it is certainly one that should be on your IPO radar in coming years.

In the meantime, you may want to pick up some shares of promising Lithium miners that are now preparing for an onslaught of new, and better, lithium battery technologies from a number of companies around the world that are competing with Polyplus at this writing.

As I have pointed out in prior articles, the uses for lithium are numerous and growing , considering the huge growth in the mobile web among other industries, but it is the development of electric vehicles from cars and trucks, to boats, motorcycles, and even fork lifts that will drive a parabolic shift to lithium as the commodity of the 21st century.

My top pick in this sector is Talison (TLTHF.PK) I like the fact that Talison is a top producer of lithium from spodomen, and the number-one lithium provider to China, where the electric motor bike and car industry is leaping ahead of the world. The hard rock lithium produced at its Greenbushes operation in Western Australia, the richest spodomen deposit on the planet, is expanding and production is doubling. Talison also owns rich deposits of brine in South America, the result of the purchase of Salares Lithium in 2010.

I also like several juniors that are charging full speed ahead with development of rich reserves of their own, such as the Rodinia Lithium (OTC:RDNAF) which owns three of the top 20 brine deposits in the world, and Western Lithium, (WLCDF.PK) which is developing the Kings Valley lithium clay deposits in Nevada.

I have been acquiring lithium assets for the past three years as I see only upside for the entire industry in coming years. Maybe you should consider a stake too, while prices are still very low.

Disclosure: I am long OTC:TLTHF, WLCDF.PK, OTC:RDNAF.