Siemens' Packaging Displays: Good For Marketing, Bad For People? (SI)

| About: Siemens AG (SIEGY)

By Carl Howe

Wired magazine notes the Siemens (SI) is developing 'electronic paper' displays that can be used for product packaging. They argue these paper-thin electronic displays will be so cheap they could replace traditional cardboard labels on everything from milk cartons to Cheerios. They also say that the cereal aisle in your supermarket could start to look like the Las Vegas strip.

We're big fans of flat displays here, but we also agree with Wired's insight at the end of the article as well on tyranny of too much grounds:

"I think it is great for corporate advertising. I think it is great for advertising agencies. I think it is great for PR and marketing. But I don't think it is great for the mental health of the population," Lasn said. "We live in an age when we the people have lost control of our own culture that is being spoon-fed to us by marketers and advertising agencies -- and that is where all of the breakthroughs are happening."

So just like liquor, please use flat displays responsibly, and don't watch your groceries while driving home.