David Fry's Market Outlook for Thursday

Includes: GLD, IYT, SPY, USO, XLY
by: David Fry

I guess investors got what they wanted. Personally, I'm with K.C. Fed Governor Hoenig, who voted against the rate decrease. Within the Fed's own statement they said, "Economic growth was solid in the third quarter, and strains in financial markets have eased somewhat on balance." So, why cut? Because Wall Street demanded it--end of story.

Bonds sold-off, gold rallied sharply, the dollar fell and crude oil reached another high.

Nevertheless, with bulls still in charge of the tape they'll find a way to look at the bright side, and drove prices higher after some initial hesitation.

Continuing to lead all markets higher are overseas. A quick glance at the BRIC's says it all:

So many charts, so little time. That's the nature of things right now. But, the above markets give you a pretty good sense of things.

The refrain "inflate of die" is probably apt when it comes to monetary policy influenced by the needs of Wall Street, banks and politicians. Today's Fed is emboldened by a belief that they can manage, nay"micro-manage" things just fine, thank you very much. With doctored inflation data befitting Argentina they pound the table that inflation is contained. Gold, Uncle Buck, commodity prices [energy, metals, food, etc.] and even bonds to some extent tell a different tale.

The only tale that matters is that of the tape. And it's bullish.

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