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From FedEx’s (ticker: FDX) fiscal Q2 2006 earnings conference call yesterday:

Helene Becker - Benchmark - Analyst

Could you, more on the international side, could you just talk about the China routes.

Dave Bronczek - FedEx Corporation - President & CEO FedEx Express

….I just wanted to say that the westbound and the eastbound around the world flights that we already put on this year, of course with all the additional route authorities that we receive is helping tremendously. We're anticipating more rounds of talks in more frequencies. We have a lot of utilization that we are anticipating for those routes. I can tell you that we're opening up more points in Asia. The eastbound around the world flights that we have put on in September were significantly important because they came right out of China right back to the United States where we actually were at capacity constraints. Westbound went around the world the back way of course through India and into Europe. So they have been very significant for us. They are opening up the capacity. If you look at the numbers specifically, you can see our freight pounds went up 21%. And a lot of that is because of that capacity we put on.

Quotes are from the CCBN StreetEvents transcript.)

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Source: FedEx Discusses New International Routes (FDX F2Q06 Conf Call Quotes)