GE's New African Market Focus Will Drive Stock Higher In 2013

| About: General Electric (GE)

General Electric (NYSE:GE) is a world-renowned and highly diversified machinery titan that offers a wealth of products and services in the technological and finance frontier. With a market cap of $201 billion, it boasts of an excess of 10 billion shares outstanding. Although its earnings per share don't rally the same dominance, I am still confident in General Electric's future.

Citigroup (NYSE:C), a distant competitor, offers a more attractive earnings per share of $3.6, more than three times that of General Electric's $1.2. I will note that Citigroup and General Electric operate in two different industries, though some of their activities overlap. Although Siemens (SI) has a smaller market cap of $82.5 million, it shadows both General Electric and Citigroup with its earnings per share of $.8.77. Competitors like Phillips (NYSE:PHG) and Smith Group (BATS:SMIN) trail behind with no hopes of getting back in the race. In reality, I don't view them as a formidable source of competition.

This leaves us with Siemens and Citigroup. These two competitors have higher earnings per share figures and healthier quarterly revenue growth. I believe that General Electric's future is more reliant on other prevalent factors in the stock market, rather than mere numbers.

General Electric's negative quarterly revenue growth of 16% has acted as a wake up call to the industry big wig. The management has gone back to the drawing board in a last ditch attempt to reclaim its lost glory. Fortunately, the new strategies at General Electric are working. It is currently filtering through innumerable investment options and pegging down attractive offers. One advancement that has really caught my attention is its entrance into the personalized medicine niche.

Currently, there is a sprouting need to use genetic information to knit various treatment options for individual patients. General Electric has displayed a dauntless spirit and jumped into this promising niche. A few weeks ago, it cemented the acquisition of Seqwright, a medical company. I deem this move as a deliberate advancement by General Electric to enhance it medical portfolio, which currently revolves around CT scanners and MRIs.

This acquisition is bound to trigger a few shifts in the market. I foresee an increased level of confidence in current and future General Electric shareholders. The events to follow are all too obvious: increased demand and better share prices. The acquisition fortifies the already strong base that supports General Electric. This plays an exceedingly instrumental role in stabilizing the share price, which creates an accommodating environment for growth.

General Electric's peerless ambition knows no boundaries, as its history speaks volumes about the possible future of its stock. Investors are keen on investments that promise growth and advancements. Investors are increasingly opting for opportunities that exhibit risk. Why is this so? Higher risks mean higher returns.

Just recently, General Electric unveiled its plans to obtain a stake at an upcoming Oklahoma wind farm. General Electric is willing to fork out an estimated $191 for this project. This is a whopping 51% of the project's $375 million worth. The Chisholm View Wind Project is located in Northern Oklahoma, and is estimated to generate 235 megawatts. I believe that this shrewd spirit displayed by General Electric will reap incredible results in the near future. Investors in the bull disposition are bound to strike gold.

Recently, General Electric announced that it had completed a contract with the Nigerian government. The contract will allow General Electric to extend a peerless electricity distribution service package in various parts of the country. This contract is expected to last for five years, and an estimated $10 billion will be invested. As for now, financial details are still being finalized, and it is not fully known if General Electric will exclusively meet the financial obligation.

I see General Electric's entry into Nigeria as a gateway to more African markets. Emerging markets usually have infinite potential for growth. With the ongoing war against corruption in most African countries, there is an increased possibility of an improved African economy. General Electric's early entrance gives it the strategic leverage to fully sink its teeth into this potent market. If all goes well, this fiscal year is certain to favor shareholders in General Electric. The aggressive expansion, innovation and diversity at General Electric cannot be overlooked. These unparalleled qualities will tremendously improve the negative quarterly revenue growth. In the event of such an occurrence, I expect substantial increases in General Electric stock.

In recent years, General Electric has been in the center of several litigations. The company is scheduled to pay $177 million for a 2008 helicopter crash that was linked to faulty equipment. This is a huge blow to the reputation and overall perception of this industry heavyweight. With that said, I am impressed with the mature fashion through which General Electric has handled the matter. Apart from owning up to the costly mistake, it has also placed more emphasis on quality control in its ongoing projects, a strategy that has diverted attention from the lawsuit.

There is also an ongoing lawsuit that General Electric has filed against Agilight. According to the lawsuit, Agilight allegedly infringed upon four General Electric patents. General Electric is geared towards maintaining its track record. The company insisted that the infringing products be destroyed. This audacious disposition is bound to lure in a lot of investors. It will particularly draw in investors who entertain huge risks in the hope of reaping worthy returns.

To conclude, there are a lot of uncertainties that surround General Electric. Yet, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for this industry titan.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.