Belgium ETF Could Take Advantage of Undervalued Market

| About: iShares MSCI (EWK)

Those investors looking to gain global banking and financial exposure at low valuations should look at the Belgium ETF (NYSEARCA:EWK).

Belgium, which broke away from the Netherlands in 1830, sometimes presents investors with solid value. King Albert II reigns over this industrious nation with Dutch –speaking Flemings in the north and French-speaking Walloons in the south. Belgium sits at the crossroads of Europe and is home to both NATO and the European Union.

The Belgium ETF contains 23 companies with the insurance and banking behemoth Fortis leading the way with 23% of the basket. Financials and banks make up more than 50% the holdings of the Belgium ETF with materials, food and telecom companies adding an additional 22%.

The Chartwell ETF Advisor has noticed that the Belgium stock market is undervalued trading at 1.6 times book with a forward price earnings ratio of 10.5. It enjoys low interest rates and according to data from, global money managers were increaseing their Belgium weightings.