US Investors in Chinese Stocks: Read Seeking Alpha!

Includes: DJ, GOOG, TST, TWX, YHOO
by: David Jackson

Harry Domash, in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, recommended Seeking Alpha in his article about how to get up to speed on China stocks available to US investors, along with China Analyst, China Tech News, Finance Asia and The China Blog. He writes:

Seeking Alpha is another good resource for learning about China stocks. Seeking Alpha offers news and commentary about stocks and exchange-traded funds in a variety of categories, including one devoted exclusively to China Global Markets menu.

Although it provides news about China stocks, Seeking Alpa's strong points are its expert commentaries and its conference call transcripts. On any given day, you'll find anywhere from three to a dozen or more new postings from a variety of experts giving their take on recent events and the outlook for specific stocks.

China stocks that trade on U.S. exchanges generally file quarterly reports with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and hold telephone conference calls with stock analysts to discuss each quarter's results. Usually, only analysts can ask questions, but everybody can listen to the calls either by dialing a toll-free number or via the reporting company's Web site.

You can learn a lot by listening to the quarterly conference calls. However, most run well over an hour in length, and the most informative part, the question and answer session, comes at the end. So, if you hold many stocks, it's not practical to listen to all of the calls. Seeking Alpha offers written transcripts of the calls for the most widely followed U.S.-traded China stocks. You can skim through a typical conference call transcript in five or 10 minutes. It's an efficient way to get the information.

Many thanks to Harry and the Santa Cruz Sentinel. We're glad to see that conference call transcripts, which until now have been availabe only through costly subscription services, are now being recognized as a critical source of information by a wider readership of investors and business leaders.

You can read Seeking Alpha's coverage of China stocks, view a complete list of recent transcripts, or browse only our China-related transcripts.

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