Nokia 770 Internet Tablet Is A Major Hit (NOK)

Jan. 5.06 | About: Nokia Corporation (NOK)

Nokia 770 Nokia's 700, a Linux-based ‘mini-tablet’ with a bright screen, wi-fi and e-mail access but no phone capabilities, has somewhat surprisingly become a major market hit since its launch seven weeks ago (noted by us here). Nokia is now ramping up production to meet the demand. The Wall St. Journal (sub. req.) has more:

In November the Finnish cellphone maker placed the device, a significant departure from its regular mobile-phone offerings, for sale only on the Internet to customers in the U.S. and some large European countries. Online consumers now face two-week waiting lists for the $359 gadget. Kari Tuutti, spokesman for Nokia's multimedia division, said the company plans to broaden distribution to include retailers of mobile phones and electronic gadgets...

Mr. Tuutti said Nokia is in talks with broadband Internet service providers and Wi-Fi network operators about offering the 770 as a bundle with services. This could increase volumes for the product, because it could be given away just as mobile phones or digital TV set-top boxes come free with a service contract.

NOK 1-yr chart: