Nothing Trashy About Waste Management's Web Traffic

| About: Waste Management, (WM)

If, like me, you’re a fan of AMC, and look forward to Sunday nights filled with Zombies, meth dealing high school teachers and murder mysteries you may have checked out the new series The Pitch on Monday night.

If, like me, you’re also in the marketing or advertising industry, you may have had the new series scheduled for the DVR weeks ago. The show gives an inside look at the creative process leading up to a pitch for a new advertising campaign to a major brand. Monday night’s season premier had two agencies competing for the opportunity to create a rebranding campaign for Waste Management (NYSE:WM).

Most of us don’t give much thought to the big green trucks with the WM logo rolling through our neighborhoods, so I decided to take a look in Compete PRO to see what kind of online presence WM, and its closest, rival Republic Services, command.

UVs to Waste Management and Republic ServicesClick to enlarge

With more than 7 times the traffic for the month of March, WM seems to have a commanding lead in visibility to its main website, It will be interesting to see what kind of lift gets over the next few days, as more people check out episode one of The Pitch. Digging into where all this traffic comes from to reach WM, we see some interesting statistics:

Here we see Waste Management nabs more than 15% of all searches for the term “Trash Service”, right behind, which allows consumers to search and review for just this type of service.

Daily Keyword Destinations for Trash ServiceClick to enlarge

If WM isn’t advertising there already, might be a good spot to have some of their new creative from The Pitch!

Republic Services (NYSE:RSG), on the other hand, doesn’t appear on the list at all for the term “Trash Service.” Non-branded keywords like this need to be a focus area in any competitive industry, and it’s not surprising to see WM enjoying such a healthy lead in traffic to their site when they’re capturing so many more of these non-branded searches.

Looking down the search referrals for, we see all branded terms:

Daily Search Referrals for Republic ServicesClick to enlarge

While it’s good to have consumers thinking of your brand when they go to look for the service you offer, you can’t forget about those of us who might not know which company we need to be in contact with. sees almost zero non-branded search traffic. By contrast, picks up traffic from all kinds of non-branded terms. Everything from “dumpster rental” to “trash pickup” will have online searchers winding up on

I’m looking forward to checking out some of the new ads created by SK+G, and will be watching to see how they do at driving more traffic onto In the meantime, it may behoove Republic to step into the search game, and see if they can’t capture more online consumers. In today’s world, people are a lot more likely to head to Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) than they are to try and hunt down that 500 pound copy of the Yellow Pages.