NovaBay's Aganocide Outperformed Antibiotics In Study

May. 3.12 | About: NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, (NBY)

NovaBay Pharmaceuticals (NYSEMKT:NBY) says key study data demonstrating that development of resistance to its lead Aganocide compound, NVC-422, is highly unlikely for a variety of infectious organisms, including methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA), compared with traditional antibiotics, were published in the May 2012 issue of Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, the journal for the American Society for Microbiology.

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NovaBay's two Distinct Anti-Infective Product Lines (Estimated Market Sizes)

NovaBay is developing NVC-422, a novel anti-infective with broad-spectrum bactericidal activity and novel mechanism of action to address the unmet medical needs in several large markets. Different topical formulations of NVC-422 are in mid-to-late-stage clinical development in ophthalmology, dermatology and urology.

"This is a seminal article for those in the industry of infectious diseases, as it confirms the potency of NVC-422 against potentially deadly bacteria, and shows the bacteria's low likelihood to develop resistance to NVC-422," Dr. Richard Odom, Sonoma Dermatology, Sonoma, Calif., and past president of the American Academy of Dermatology, said in a statement.

"As a practicing dermatologist, I believe a new topical agent of this nature would be a welcomed addition to our treatment options, particularly in highly drug-resistant infections such as caused by MRSA," he added.

Dr. Dmitri Debabov, senior author and Head of Microbiology and Cell Biology at NovaBay, said the study not only showcases NVC-422 as an antimicrobial agent that has a strong potential of being "immune" to resistance, it also highlights the "inadequacies of current antibiotics because bacteria can rapidly become resistant, especially when antibiotics are used at sub-lethal concentrations."

CEO Dr. Ron Najafi said NovaBay's Aganocide compounds belong to a novel family of antimicrobial compounds with a mechanism of action that is not conducive to the emergence of resistance. "The compounds are not cross-resistant with other known structural families, and to date, we have not selected or identified strains resistant to NVC-422, which has been the subject of several clinical and in vitro studies," he added.

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