Is Northern Dynasty Minerals a Take-Over Target?

| About: Northern Dynasty (NAK)

Mitsubishi Corporation (OTCPK:MSBHY) recently filed a 13D that announced it is a stakeholder in Northern Dynasty Minerals (NYSEMKT:NAK) [TSE:NDM] to the tune of 6.1%. This move will certainly make things interesting. Mining companies interested in gaining control over NDM are now looking over their shoulder worrying that other big boys in the mining world are interested as well; Rio Tinto (RTP), Anglo American (AAUK) and Mitsubishi Corporation have officially (based on the acquisition of shares) indicated they are interested in controlling this resource. There may be other big boys that are yet to show interest. Who wants it the most?

What’s This Mean?

With news of Mitsubishi Corporation acquiring shares, Anglo American and Rio Tinto will have to hurry up and decide if they want to get control. We may be in store for watching some deals play out between these majors, and who knows, perhaps another major will enter the scenario. Either way, NDM shareholders will be sure to benefit from all this interest. Perhaps NDM should sit back and do nothing and become a large mining company itself? There are so many options on the table that NDM is certainly an interesting stock to own.

I’ll certainly be watching to see how things play out!

Full Disclosure: At the time of writing the author owns shares of NDM