Jim Cramer's Mad Money In-Depth, 12/22/07: (Soon-to-be) High Five

by: Miriam Metzinger

Stocks discussed in the in-depth session of Jim Cramer’s Mad Money TV program, Friday December 22. Click on a stock ticker for more analysis:

Jacobs Engineering (NYSE:JEC), (MEMC Electronic Materials (WFR), Apple (OTC:APPL), Gamestop (NYSE:GME), Monsanto (NYSE:MON)

Cramer discussed five stocks he expects to lift from end-of the year institutional buying. Even if these companies do not see an upswing, they are worth owning anyway, said Cramer. JEC should see higher profits and demand and WFR has recently signed a silicon wafer contract with Conergy worth around $8 billion. Cramer said Apple is the stock every money manager will need to show in a portfolio, and Gamestop, which sells the Nintendo's wii console, will likely be bought in the coming week. Given the popularity of corn, seed-producer Monsanto will also be popular. Since these picks are time-sensitive, Cramer would buy them next week.

Wall of Shame: Gary Dunton MBIA (NYSE:MBI)

Cramer removed Marsh & McLennan's Mike Cherkasky and Sprint's Paul Saleh from his Wall of Shame since they have left their companies, and inducted Gary Dunton of MBIA; "He is a man I believe you will hear quite a bit about in the coming weeks as his company fights for its life," Cramer said. "If the board sacrificed Dunton, the company would stand a better chance at surviving."

Deere (NYSE:DE), Agrium (NYSE:AGU) UAP Holding (UAPH), Bunge (NYSE:BG), Monsanto (MON)

The agriculture sector just keeps growing and Cramer thinks AGU, which is undervalued, will ultimately benefit from its acquisition of UAPH. He compares this merger that of Freeport-McMoRan and Thane. Freeport's stock price fell when it issued extra stock to pay for the acquisition, but not it is up 65%. AGU is down now for the same reason, "this looks like the FCX story all over again," and even though AGU has risen a bit, in this case "being up seven doesn't mean anything." Even though he expects AGU to rise the highest, other agriculture favorites BG, MON and DE are still buys.

LSB Industries (NYSE:LXU)

Another agriculture play Cramer likes is speculative stock LXU, which also has exposure to climate control. He thinks Ingersoll-Rand's bid for heating and cooling company Trane bodes well for climate control in general and LXU could become the next Trane. He notes the company has "great visibility" and projects through 2010. Cramer says LXU is speculative because it has very little overseas exposure, but Cramer likes the sector.

Bridgeway Aggressive Investors (MUTF:BRAGX)

John Montgomery, fund manager Bridgeway Aggressive Investors said, "We focused on not only the return, but the other half of that is controlling risk" and added the company had significant exposure to tech when it was thriving and lately has been investing from a risk control standpoint. The company follows quantitative models to determine whether or not a stock is too expensive. Cramer commented the fund has seen an 18% return in the last five years.

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