The 2007 Anti-Rolaids List

 |  Includes: FMT, SPY
by: Bespoke Investment Group

Over the weekend, we highlighted our Rolaids List for 2007. These are the stocks that caused frequent heartburn for investors as they had the most one-day declines of 5% or more. Today, we took the opposite approach and screened for the S&P 1500 stocks that had the most single day gains of 5% or more. This year, Fremont General (FMT) tops the list with thirty-nine 5% up days. But even with all these big up days, the stock is still down over 75% on the year, as it also had 54 days where it was down 5% or more. In fact, FMT topped the list of stocks with the most 5% down days and the most 5% up days! Of the 17 stocks in the list below, nine of them also made our Rolaids List (shaded tickers).