Five China Stocks to Watch This Week

Includes: CWDK, SNEN, WUHN
by: China OTC Player

1) Since Sinoenergy (SNEN.OB) announced its financial results on Monday, its shares have traded down on each of four consecutive sessions. The company has great fundamentals and is eminently positioned to take advantage of the spiking crude oil prices. But is its CNG filling station roll-out fast enough to meet investor expectations?

2) With little news, tourism and mass media concern China Yida Holding [IAVA.OB] was up more than 40% on Thursday, with the gain sustaining on Friday. Is there good news on the horizon?

3) China Water and Drinks (CWDK.OB) has been experiencing some very unusual share price movements lately on very low volume, going from $6 to top $15 and now back to $10.25, all in the space of ten days. What in the world is happening?

4) Profitable Guilin Paper [GUPR.OB] registered its 52-week low of $0.40 on 1/3, for no apparent reasons. If I thought this stock was buyable at around $1.00 (estimated FY2007 EPS $0.11), can one say "fire sale"?

5) On the other hand, in its quiet corner, Wuhan General Group (WUHN.OB) has been inching ever closer to its 52-week high, closing at $16 on Friday. Did you know the company is expecting record earnings this year by making environment-friendly power plant components?

My Position: Long IAVA.OB.