100 Russell 1,000 Stocks Down 5+ Days In A Row

by: Bespoke Investment Group

With the major indices now down more than 5% in the month of May, there are a large number of stocks that haven't had an up day in quite a long time. In fact, there are currently 100 stocks in the Russell 1,000 that are down at least five days in a row. Below is a list of these 100 perpetual losers.

Not only are there 100 Russell 1,000 stocks down at least five days in a row, but there are also 25 stocks that are down at least ten days in a row. That's a pretty remarkable stat, and it's not one that we see often. As shown, XLNX currently has the longest losing streak of any stock in the index at 14 days, while MOLX, AMAT and MCHP are all down 13 days in a row. None of these stocks has yet to post a green day in the month of May. Other notables on the list of losers include MMM (11 days), AA (11 days), BA (7 days), [[UPS (7 days), BAC (7 days) and PCLN (5 days).

The pain has to end at some point, right? What we'll likely see is a major move to the upside one day soon which will wipe out nearly all of these losing streaks.