Alcoa Gaps Up on Earnings: Likely to Trade Lower

| About: Alcoa, Inc. (AA)

Since Alcoa's (NYSE:AA) quarterly report kicks off earnings season, we figured we would highlight it as an example of our Bespoke Interactive Earnings Report Database. Below is a snapshot of the "Stock Query" lookup in the Earnings Database. Entering the ticker AA brings up all of Alcoa's historical reports going back to 2001. It highlights how the stock did versus earnings and revenue estimates, forward guidance, and the stock price reaction on the first trading day following the report. It also summarizes the typical earnings report for the stock and the average performance when it gaps up or down on earnings or beats or misses estimates.

Currently, Alcoa is up about 60 cents in pre-market trading. Historically, when the stock has gapped up on earnings, it has averaged a decline of 1.42% from the open to the close.

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