Kelly: Sold 10% of CAGC

| About: China Agritech, (CAGC)

Friday afternoon I sold 10% of my stake in (OTCPK:CAGC) at a price of $2.95. With bulletin board stocks, I tend to use limit sell orders to take incremental profits, which helps me lock in profits without presenting liquidity problems in exiting my position. My position in CAGC is now fairly large, and while I continue to think this thing is massively undervalued, I had a limit sell in on the stock in order to help scale back the position as the stock moves higher. I managed to hit the high of the day so far, but that wasn’t my goal in the trade. I am very impressed with the strength of the stock so far, and I am not planning on selling more shares unless the stock moves substantially above the $3 mark.