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Interested in gaining exposure to utility companies? Do you prefer stocks with high projected earnings over the next year? Do you prefer stocks that analysts rate as 'Buy', or better? If so, here are some ideas to get you started on your search.

EPS growth (earnings per share growth) illustrates the growth of earnings per share over time. The 1-Year Expected EPS Growth Rate is an annual growth estimate, where the growth projections are made by analysts, the company or other credible sources.

We first looked for utility stocks. Next, we then screened for businesses with estimated high-growth, with 1-year projected EPS growth above 25%. We then screened for businesses that analysts rate as "Buy" or "Strong Buy" (mean recommendation < 3). We did not screen out any market caps.

Do you think these stocks will go up in valuation? Use our list to help with your own analysis.

1) American Midstream Partners LP (NYSE:AMID)

Industry:Gas Utilities
Market Cap:$172.27M

American Midstream Partners LP has a 1-Year Projected Earnings Per Share Growth Rate of 53.85% and Analysts' Rating of 2.00. The short interest was 0.41% as of 05/21/2012. American Midstream Partners, LP engages in gathering, treating, processing, marketing, and transporting natural gas in the Gulf Coast and southeast regions of the United States. Its products include natural gas, natural gas liquids and condensate. The company transports natural gas from interconnection points on other large pipelines to customers, such as local distribution companies, electric utilities, direct-served industrial complexes, or to interconnections on other pipelines.

2) EQT Corporation (NYSE:EQT)

Industry:Gas Utilities
Market Cap:$7.00B

EQT Corporation has a 1-Year Projected Earnings Per Share Growth Rate of 43.68% and Analysts' Rating of 1.90. The short interest was 1.91% as of 05/21/2012. EQT Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, operates as an integrated energy company in the United States. It operates in three segments: EQT Production, EQT Midstream, and Distribution. The EQT Production segment engages in the exploration, development, and production of natural gas, natural gas liquids, and crude oil in the Appalachian Basin.

3) Atlas Energy, L.P (NYSE:ATLS)

Industry:Gas Utilities
Market Cap:$1.79B

Atlas Energy, L.P has a 1-Year Projected Earnings Per Share Growth Rate of 96.69% and Analysts' Rating of 2.30. The short interest was 3.80% as of 05/21/2012. Atlas Energy, L.P. engages in the development and production of natural gas and oil in the Appalachian basin, Illinois basin, and the Rocky Mountain region of the United States. It is also involved in the provision of natural gas gathering, processing, and treating services in the Anadarko and Permian basins located in the southwestern and mid-continent regions of the United States; natural gas gathering services in the Appalachian basin in the northeastern region of the United States; and natural gas liquids transportation services in the southwest region of the United States.

4) Calpine Corp. (NYSE:CPN)

Industry:Electric Utilities
Market Cap:$7.77B

Calpine Corp. has a 1-Year Projected Earnings Per Share Growth Rate of 112.12% and Analysts' Rating of 2.00. The short interest was 0.78% as of 05/21/2012. Calpine Corporation, an independent wholesale power generation company, owns and operates natural gas-fired and geothermal power plants in North America. It operates natural gas-fired combustion turbines and renewable geothermal conventional steam turbines, as well as cogeneration power plants. The company sells wholesale power, steam, capacity, renewable energy credits, and ancillary services to utilities, independent electric system operators, industrial and agricultural companies, retail power providers, municipalities, and power marketers. As of February 10, 2012, it operated a fleet of 93 power generation plants representing more than 28,000 megawatts of generation capacity.

5) GenOn Energy, Inc. (NYSE:GEN)

Industry:Electric Utilities
Market Cap:$1.45B

GenOn Energy, Inc. has a 1-Year Projected Earnings Per Share Growth Rate of 66.70% and Analysts' Rating of 2.40. The short interest was 1.17% as of 05/21/2012. GenOn Energy, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, provides energy, capacity, ancillary, and other energy services to wholesale customers in the energy market in the United States. It also operates as a wholesale generator of electricity; and involves in asset management and proprietary trading, fuel oil management, and natural gas transportation and storage activities. The company generates electricity using coal, natural gas, and oil resources.

*Company profiles were sourced from Finviz. Financial data was sourced from Finviz.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.