Are Bloggers Moving Stocks? (DELL)

| About: Dell Inc. (DELL)

Yesterday at 7:48 am, Jeff Matthews wrote a very negative post about Dell on his blog: Jeff Matthews Is Not Making This Up. He recently had a bad experience with Dell's customer service and said that he has "bought his last Dell." Mr. Matthews' blog is widely followed, and we have seen his post floating around on other blogs as well today.

Question: Is this post why Dell's stock was down nearly 2% yesterday? We couldn't find any other stock specific news that would be a cause for the stock's decline, and even though TXN was down on earnings, most other tech stocks were flat or up. If the stock is down because of the post, I guess it could be seen as an "analyst downgrade" from the blogosphere, which definitely shows how times are changing on the Street.

DELL intraday 1/24/06: