Another Case Study of Wednesday's Trading

Jan.24.08 | About: iShares Russell (IWD)

Wednesday was another big day that calls for some data analysis. We broke the stocks in the Russell 1,000 into deciles (100 stocks in each decile) based on their year to date performance through the 1/22 close. We wanted to see if the best or worst performers leading up to yesterday's big reversal went up or down the most. Interestingly, while the decile of the very worst performers year to date went up the most yesterday, deciles 7, 8 and 9 went up the least. The deciles of the best performers year to date were about inline with the average performance of stocks yesterday. Unlike Tuesday, when there was a clear trend in stock performance, yesterday's performance was more sporadic.

Below we highlight the Russell 1,000 stocks that were up the most on the day.