Continental Adds WiFi That's, 'Free Because it Sucks'

| About: United Continental (UAL)

Connectivity is fast becoming a competitive necessity in the airline industry. Another airline is adding WiFi service to its flights. This time, Continental (NYSE:CAL). But it is the crippled, low-speed kind that can only handle e-mail and instant messaging. CrunchGear weighs in:

Today Continental announced that they will be offering Wi-Fi, but it will be the same crippled mess that you can find on JetBlue (NASDAQ:JBLU). It’s not all bad, though. The agreement with LiveTV will also bring 36 channels of live TV thanks to DirecTV. First-class passengers will receive the service (NYSE:TV) for free while economy-class passengers will have to muster up $6. The Wi-Fi service I just mentioned will be free. It’s free because it sucks. I’ll wait for AirCell’s service on American or Virgin America.