4 Stocks That Hit the Buy Alert

by: Mike Goodson, CFA

The last few days have been amazing in so many ways and as is my habit, I did not try to "trade" in the middle of all this volatility. It's just not my style.

However, several of the stocks which I had analyzed several months ago hit my "buy alert" levels and I wanted to share this information with my readers.

When I did this analysis, I did not know the market was going to be so volatile. I did not know that the talk of a US recession would become so widespread. In fact, my analysis had little to do with predicting future events. It was just my attempt to determine an attractive purchase level for several the stocks I had looked at.

Valuation analysis is not an exact science, but when stocks bounce off of levels I had months ago deemed appropriate for purchase, it reinforces my opinion that I know what I'm doing.

Stock "Buy Alert" Jan 24 Price % Change
MTA $22.00 $24.01 +9.1%
FWLT $56.50 $66.44 +17.6%
HCC $26.00 $26.90 +3.5%
COP $70.50 $74.47 +5.6%

Granted there are probably hundreds of stocks that had big bounces from their lows in the last few days, but I just wanted to highlight a few that I had been watching for a while.

I continue to be very comfortable with my current holdings and will change only if I can find stocks which I think can offer much higher potential returns (in the long run) than those I hold now. Stay tuned!