1 Month And Counting Without 2 Straight Up Days For DJIA

| About: SPDR Dow (DIA)

While we are currently four days into the month of June, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) has not had two consecutive up days since April! On April 27th, the DJIA closed up 24 points for its fourth straight day of gains. Since then, the index has only seen five up days, and none of those have been back to back. In terms of trading days, it has now been 25 straight trading days without two up days in the row for the DJIA. Given the fact that Friday was a down day, the current streak will last at least 26 trading days.

Since 1900, there have only been eight prior periods where the DJIA had a streak of at least 26 trading days without two consecutive up days. The last time this occurred was back in August 1995, when the DJIA went 27 trading days without two up days in a row. While the DJIA has seen a drop of about 9% in the current streak, the prior streak in 1995 was much tamer as the DJIA saw a decline of just 2.2%. The longest streak in the DJIA's history without two up days was in October 1931, when the index went 37 trading days without back to back up days and declined by 31%.

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