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The first and second quarters of 2012 could not be more different in terms of asset class performance. Below is a table showing the Q1, Q2 (so far), and year to date performance numbers for key ETFs across all asset classes. After rallying double digit percentage points pretty much across the board in the first quarter, many equity ETFs are now down double digits after the first two months of the second quarter. And some international market ETFs have seen an even bigger rise and fall.

Germany's EWG was up 21.12% in Q1, and it's down 19.03% in Q2. India was also up 21%+ and it's now down 17.23% in Q2.

Fixed income has been extremely volatile as well (compared to how much fixed income usually moves). The 20+ Year Treasury ETF (NYSEARCA:TLT) was down the second most of any ETF shown in the first quarter behind only natural gas. TLT is currently up a whopping 15% over the last two months, which is by far the best performing asset class. It will only be fitting if we see another complete reversal in the third quarter, right?

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Source: Risky Asset Classes Dive