The Price VeraSun Pays For Corn

 |  Includes: BFRE, PEIX, VRNM, VSUNQ
by: Konrad Imielinski

Below are the daily prices VeraSun (VSE) paid for its fourth-quarter corn and beyond. The average price from October 1st to December 31st for VeraSun's three plants - Aurora (120), Fort Dodge (110), and Charles City (110) - was $3.58 per bushel. The Linden (110) and Albion (110) plants are not accounted for as their daily corn bids are not available. In the new year, VeraSun's average corn bid has horrifically risen to $4.60 per bushel. In its previous quarters, VeraSun has paid an average of $3.32 (third), $3.62 (second), and $4.05 (first).